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#stopdogbarking, #barkbustersdogtraininglasvegas, puppytrainersThe number one reason most dog owners need my Fairfield County dog training services is because of barking. Some live in an apartment or condo and their neighbors complain because their dog is barking while they are gone. Other dogs just bark uncontrollably at every passing squirrel or when a guest comes to the door. A barking dog is not always a bad thing, particularly when they are alerting you to strangers.

There is a time and place for dogs to bark. If a burglar is approaching your home, you want your dog to bark. What I will do when I come to your home is find out why your dog is barking. Dogs bark for a reason. To them it is a form of communication. The good news is that Bark Busters can help you overcome your dog barking.

First rule out medical reasons for your dog barking. Make sure he is not barking because he has something in his paw, was stung by an insect, or is in pain.

Dogs bark in a variety of situations:

  • When their owners arrive home
  • When their owners leave home
  • When visitors come to the house
  • When they hear other dogs barking
  • When playing
  • To demand attention
  • When they want to go outside
  • When they want to be fed
  • When scared or startled
  • When getting their owners to play fetch
  • When fighting
  • At passerbys or animals outside

Nuisance barking
A nuisance barker is a barker who barks when no real threat is present. They will bark at squirrels, people, falling leaves or virtually anything. Most barking is a result of the dog not feeling safe and secure that the owner is the “pack leader” and will keep him safe. That is why they are always on patrol. Bark Busters will teach you how to be the “top dog” so both you and your dog can relax. Bark Busters uses a series of training exercises to help shift the social hierarchy in your “pack” to allow your dog to see you as the embodiment of safety and security in his life. Once you accomplish this, your dog will be calmer, happier and MUCH quieter!

I often see puppies who bark at their owner when they are being corrected verbally. This is his way of challenging his owner’s authority! Remember, dogs will vie with you for control.

Many dogs bark because they are bored. Remember a well-exercised dog is a quiet dog. Leave him with some interactive toys so he is not so lonely.

Sometimes dogs will only bark at certain things, persons or sounds (like a vacuum cleaner). I had a client whose dog would bark and growl every time she tried to vacuum the floor. He went so far to even nip at it. The loud noise scares him. For Bark Busters, it is a matter of re-conditioning the dog, so he is no longer “triggered” by a scary noise.

Regardless of why your dog is barking, there is a solution and Bark Busters Las Vegas can help. Once we know why your dog is barking, you can start working on ways to decrease this annoying habit. Know that it is never too late to teach your dog to stop barking.

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