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#dogtrainiglasvegas, #bestdogtrainerslasvegasMost people think they know how to train their dog … after all, most of us grew up with pets! What many of us didn’t realize is that our dogs weren’t well-behaved. We tolerated their mis-behaviors because it was easier!

Our dogs are members of our family. We share a bond with them and we want them to love us. We naturally start to look at our furry friends through “people-colored” glasses. This is where problems begin.

Many people don’t train their dogs because they are afraid that training will change their dog’s personality. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. What you don’t realize is that a misbehaving dog is a stressed dog, because they don’t understand the rules. Your dog wants to please you – he just doesn’t know how unless you learn to communicate on his level. And we don’t use harsh methods to train your dog —

Other dog owners forego training because they just want to let their dog “be a dog.” This humanizing of a dog’s behavior leads to faulty judgments about what dogs understand, what they need, and what is best for the dog. Dogs simply do not think like people – something many owners do not understand or refuse to accept.

Still other pet parents feel their dog is too old to be trained or too set in his ways. This is another myth that we can dispel. A dog is NEVER too old to learn. At Bark Busters Las Vegas, we have trained dogs from 9 months old to 19! Some of these were rescue dogs and owners feared they had too much baggage. We have seen pet owners on the verge of returning their dogs to the shelter because they couldn’t deal with their problems. And Bark Busters helped them.

Learning how to communicate with your dog in language he understands is very important. It is important you assume the role of pack leader and that your dog understands you are in control, There is no good reason for your dog to bark and jump on visitors, lead you on a walk, or be aggressive toward you or other dogs. Typically, these are behaviors your dog will display when they think they are in charge.

While some methods of obedience training rely on treats or even inducing pain or discomfort, the Bark Busters methods teaches you how to become your dog’s leader. We spend as much time teaching you as we do your dog. Bark Busters can show you how to transform your “problem dog” into a happy, obedient lifelong family member.

Once you assume the role of leader, most of the mis-behaviors will stop. All the dog training tips in the world won’t matter if your dog doesn’t view you as his leader. He will continue to vie with you for control, and if he doesn’t get his way, he will act up.

Rules and leadership are not enemies of fun. And in no way should training a dog inhibit its playfulness or spontaneity. But that doesn’t mean there should be no rules for inappropriate behavior. In fact, providing your dog with consistent leadership and ground rules for behavior will make it feel more secure and relaxed and make for a more self-assured companion. Dogs must learn who is in charge in a way they understand.


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