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Obedience training involves teaching your dog some basic commands (sit, stay, down-stay, walking to heel) as well as more advanced commands. Effective communication, routine and good timing is the key to achieving excellent obedience. Letting your dog know what’s expected of him/her, in a way he/she can understand, is the place to start. Remember your dog wants to please you – he just doesn’t know how,

Dogs use body language for 80% of their communication, so it’s no wonder they view our strange idiosyncratic human tendencies with confusion. How many times has your dog tilted his head to one side and offered a blank expression in response to your commands? That’s because he has no idea what you are saying. Does your dog think his name is “bad dog” because that is what he hears most often? How many dogs only ever hear their real names barked at them in anger? No wonder they don’t want to “come” if they think they’re going to be told off.

Treat training can bring results in obedience training, as some dogs will do anything you ask them for a treat, but does this ‘really’ teach them anything? In psychological terms, the treat or reward concept is classified as ‘baiting’, and will achieve certain results through trickery, much like a fisherman luring a fish onto a hook. Unfortunately, you may run out of treats if you give them a treat every time as a reward for good behavior!

Additionally, the results from treat training can become inconsistent, because this type of training fails to teach the dog the desire to be with their owners unless you are paying them for the privilege with treats. In the natural canine pack instinct, leaders control all of the pack resources and never surrender food to subordinates unless they have had their fill.

Remember, dogs are pack animals at heart. Bark Busters will teach your dog to be obedient using non-food based and non-physical methods (no shock collars or harsh methods). We will establish you as the “leader” of the pack, teaching your dog to love and respect you, not fear you. Peace will reign in your home!

With Bark Busters obedience training, you will establish a relationship of trust, love and authority.