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#BarkbustersLasVegasdogtraining #dogsofBarkBusters #dogtrainer Many people are willing to accept misbehaving dogs for a variety of reasons, most which are untrue. Afraid your dog trainer is going to judge you or your dog? Not true. Our job is to help you to help your dog. Trust me, we have seen a lot of misbehaving dogs in our years as Las Vegas dog trainers, so we won’t be surprised. We have seen dogs rip through drywall and eat whole couches!

Let us tell you about some of the other myths we have heard:

  1. It will change my dog’s personality. Quite to the contrary, dog training will make your dog more relaxed. If he is displaying any destructive behaviors (aggression, barking inappropriately, chewing), separation anxiety or sibling rivalry, he is stressed. He wants to please you – he just doesn’t know how. Once we give you the tools to communicate with your dog, he will be more relaxed and calm.
  2. My dog is too old to change. Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, an “old dog can learn” new tricks. We have trained many senior dogs. In fact, sometimes they are easier because they have passed the puppy or adolescent stage.
  3. He’ll grow out of it. No, he won’t. Unfortunately, the bad behavior will stay the same or even get worse. Yes, puppies will grow out of some of their mischievous behaviors. However, it is easier and less time consuming to change these behaviors at the beginning. If your dog has bad door manners – jumping and barking at guests – he will continue to have bad door manners. If your dog pulls you all around on the leash, he will continue to walk with you incorrectly!
  4. These are just “quirks”. We had a customer whose dog used to snap at one dog. She figured it was just a personality disagreement between those two dogs. She did not deal with his aggression. Unfortunately, this dog then bit a little girl. That’s when she called Bark Busters. She could have saved herself a lot of grief if she had dealt with the aggression issue from the onset.
  5. Shock or prong collars are the way to train your dog. Our experience shows that aggression breeds aggression. Dogs learn to communicate with each other when they are first born ad pups. They learn from their Mom and litter mates what is right or wrong. Then. They are thrust into your world and don’t understand a word of English! Bark Busters will teach you how to communicate with your dog using the way dogs naturally communicate – voice tones and body gestures. We don’t use punishment or harmful methods and will never be a proponent of physical harm.
  6. My dog is just stubborn. Yes, dogs can be stubborn. That just means you are going to have to be more persistent in establishing yourself as the “leader of the pack”. Stubborness is actually a human quality. Chances are your dog is misbehaving because of fear, anxiety or pain. Bark Busters will help you get to the root of the problem so you can understand why your dog is misbehaving.

I hope we have eliminated some of the reasons you may have for not hiring a dog trainer. Please call Derek & Lisette Anovick at Bark Busters Vegas so you can have a well behaved dog!

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