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Why Dogs Dig
Dogs dig for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Because it’s fun
  • To bury their valuables like toys, food, and bones
  • To get to their prey like moles and groundhogs
  • To escape from being left alone
  • To make a bed where it’s hotter or colder
  • Diet deficiency
  • Boredom, stress

Tips to Stop Dog Digging
Digging is a normal behavior for dogs. Certain breeds are more likely to dig than others. Bark Busters Las Vegas will help you discover why your dog digs so we can help you change this behavior. Once we figure out your dog’s motivation, we can teach you how to fix the problem. In the meantime, follow these tips:

  • Fill in the holes and place dog droppings just under the surface. Make sure that the droppings are covered with a layer of dirt. This is mainly for dogs that keep returning to the same holes. You may need to persist with this for awhile.
  • Place a balloon or water bomb just under the surface on the hole. This is not to scare the dog, but just to give him a correction as he disturbs the family or the hole.
  • For big holes, place chicken wire deep into the ground. If you provide your dog with a sand pit to dig in, then you must be sure that the dog will not eat the sand. Putting some toys in the pit for the dog to bury is also a good option, make sure they are sealed toys that cannot fill up with sand, so that your dog does not accidentally ingest any sand if he chews on them.
  • You may correct your dog if you catch him digging. We will teach you ways in which to correct your dog appropriately so that he will understand that he is making a mistake. Managing the environment and setting the scene to correct your dog is the best way to educate him effectively.
  • Food toys can keep your dog occupied. Talk to us about the GameChanger which is an interactive toy produced by Bark Busters. It will keep your dog occupied for hours and take his mind off digging!
  • Never use physical correction. Physical correction may trigger aggressive behavior. Showing your dog the hole after the fact has the potential to create other behavioral problems that can escalate quickly into a stressful situation for everyone.
  • Diet may be key. A healthy, balanced diet can assist in reducing digging, as your dog will be less likely to look for alternative food sources.

If you want help with dog digging, call Bark Busters Las Vegas today. Or email us. We’ll be happy to help you STOP your dog from digging!

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