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Derek And I love what we do. We started this dog training business 5 years ago because we always wanted to give back to the dog community and we finally found a way. By training the dogs and getting them to listen to their owners we feel lots of satisfaction. From the cases of little puppies that are running the house and are peeing and pooping everywhere and have the owners on their feet 24/7 and with no sleep to the hard aggressive cases that are very serious  but not impossible to fix and the separation anxiety cases which take a toll on the owner.

I would like to share 3 very unique cases bellow:

1- 2 little wieners Jimmy and Axel, puppies that where running the household. Owner Lessa did not sleep for 2 days and needed us over ASAP. Puppies had toilet issues, very hyper and fast eaters which can lead to digestion problems. We solved all issues and taught the owner how to manager and teach her wieners. Today she sleeps and is happy with the results.


2- A big beautiful pit mix named Haizel with extreme aggressive issues towards dogs and protective to owners. We came and explained to owner Desiree exactly what to do and follow the homework and we can report today that Haizel is a more calm and not aggressive dog. It does not happen over night but when owners are committed and follow are homework it all works out. Very proud trainer.


3-Mack and Ren 2 schnauzers with lots on anxiety. Some anxiety cases can lead to aggressiveness but if you catch it on time you can prevent it and this is one of those cases. Ren specially was the problem. They had barking, pulling on leash and anxiety issues. All issues where addressed; the with affective leadership from the owners Cecilia and Gab was on point and they followed the homework. Today they are happy with the results and have happy dogs.


I will continue to tell you stories and share the good and the bad.





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